Talk of Tomorrow: "Will AI Replace Traditional Interfaces in the Next 5 Years?"

Your Generally Creative Technically Competent Product Designer

I’m Jake Nachlas, a Product Designer who has also worn the hats of Product Manager, XR Developer, and Web Developer. I’ve led a dozen design projects, solving interesting problems in a variety of industries, most recently at The Home Depot. I'm also pursing my masters in AI and writing a newsletter on XR/AI called Talk of Tomorrow.


Your Change Concept to Launch

Designed a new way for younger audiences to make meaningful contributions to non-profit organizations.
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Medxoom Portal Redesign

Enhanced clarity and structure of the healthcare portal, setting a foundation for growth; led to a $50m acquisition post-launch.
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Service Provider Dashboard Redesign

Provided quicker access to key actions and information for service providers to get their jobs done more efficiently.
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Mint-A-Met AR Experience

Created an augmented reality feature for the Mets' fan zone for custom baseball cards, boosting fan engagement and store traffic, with a potential revenue increase.
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Writing & Speaking

Will AI Replace Traditional Interfaces in the Next 5 Years?

My by-no-means-comprehensive introduction to Generative UI and the value it could add to a customer experience.

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Spatial Design Workshop

I led a workshop for the South Florida Tech Hub community in April 2024 where we went through the early stages of designing a science lab experience from problem statement to interaction documentation.

Reality Check: Elevating UX with AR/VR

I gave a talk at the Downtown Orlando UX meetup in August 2023 on how UX designers can get started with AR/VR.

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What Others Have Said

“Jake joined OGK as a digital marketing intern and within a year became the most valuable member of my team working with products and interactive media. He is the fastest learner I have ever met and a visionary designer. His desire to experiment and explore allow him to innovate on a different level. Jake’s enthusiasm for research, experimentation and design not only made him an incredible team member but have been an inspiration and a competitive driving force for me in my career. I can’t wait to see what he does next.”

John Mock
Creative Director at OGK Creative

“Working with Jake helped me understand the true importance of user experience and user interface. His enthusiasm and motivation in the projects we worked on together was always clear in the end result. When working with Jake, there was always a reason behind every idea, never a “just cause”. His reception to other ideas was always welcoming as well, making collaboration an easy going and fun experience.”

Gio Concepcion
Lead Developer at Consumr Buzz

“As I worked with Jake on various user experience problem spaces, I noticed a certain level of enthusiasm and passion in his work that set him apart from the others. Jake is a true creative who genuinely gets excited to produce innovative ideas, but is also quite analytical and stays true to the facts and the research, which is what I think makes him such a huge asset in design and technology (and just about any other industry where these skills could be applied). I hope to work with him professionally again one day, and I am looking forward to keeping up with his career progress!”

Missy Turco
Product Designer at Postman